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  • Jan
    Features Floor Deck Machinery Overview

    1. steel floor plate of ribs can be placed in water, electricity, pipelines, so that the structural layer and the pipeline as one, indirectly increased or reduced-storey building height, to bring architectural design flexibility;2. during the construction phase, steel floor plate can be used as a co

  • Jan
    Roll forming equipment continue to improve, demand will be increasing

    With the roll forming equipment constantly improved, Cold Equipment gradually been known and has been widely used in various fields. Roll forming equipment in the domestic market and therefore open, and rapid development.Watch bender history, dating back to around 1950, when the application of bendi

  • Jan
    Zhangjiagang Wang Chun Technology Co., Ltd.

    Zhangjiagang Hongjun Science and Technology Co., Ltd. professionally produces and sells manufacturing equipment of pipes, pipelines, and fittings for ventilation, dedusting, environment protection, construction and other industries. Located in the modern port city Zhangjiagang, our company is adjace

  • Jan
    "Service" 39 years of Beijing Road, water mains burst pipes

    August 24 morning, Urumqi, Beijing Road sidewalk underground water pipes burst. Staff Photo Urumqi water repair company in replacement of water pipelines.Morning News: at 4:50 on August 24 Xu, located in Beijing Road on the 18th of auxiliary lane from south to north, a water mains burst, the water l

  • Jan
    The core area of Tianjin Port explosion started to clean up sewage pipes to lay

    BEIJING, Aug. 24, according to the Tianjin Binhai New Area Government official microblogging "Coastal publish" news, yesterday, in the Tianjin Port, "8.12" Ruihai company particularly serious fire dangerous goods warehouse explosion scene core area, more than 30 transport vehicles, mining vehicles,

  • Jan
    Philippine Coast is now 400 m long pipe with suspected equipment used in China

    Global Times special correspondent Wang Xiaoxiong] According to "Philippine Star" reported on the 24th, on Saturday afternoon, suddenly appeared near the port of La Union is located in the northern Philippines period of up to 400 meters of excavator pipeline, suspected of China in South Island reef

South of the city industrial zone,zhangjiagang city,Jiangsu province,China
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Zhangjiagang Hongjun Technology Co., Ltd. professionally produces and sells manufacturing equipment of pipes, pipelines, and fittings for ventilation, dedusting ...
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