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Features Floor Deck Machinery Overview

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1. steel floor plate of ribs can be placed in water, electricity, pipelines, so that the structural layer and the pipeline as one, indirectly increased or reduced-storey building height, to bring architectural design flexibility;

2. during the construction phase, steel floor plate can be used as a continuous steel girder lateral support, improve the stability of the overall bearing capacity of steel beams;

3. in the use phase, improves overall stability and local stability of steel beams on the flange;

4. clean aesthetic appearance.

5. the floor plate-pressure machinery and equipment steel floor plate can be used as a permanent template-situ concrete. Thus eliminating the need for installation and removal of the template construction processes, thereby saving time and labor;

6. When the steel floor plate is installed can be used as a construction platform. While not having to use a temporary support, does not affect the next layer of the construction plan of work;

7. steel floor plate can be used as a substrate floor muscle use, reducing the workload of installation Ligament;

8. depending on the cross-sectional shape of the steel floor plates up to 30% reduction in the amount of concrete floor, reducing the weight of the floor and can reduce the corresponding beams, columns and foundation sizes, improve the overall performance of the structure;

South of the city industrial zone,zhangjiagang city,Jiangsu province,China
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