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"Service" 39 years of Beijing Road, water mains burst pipes

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August 24 morning, Urumqi, Beijing Road sidewalk underground water pipes burst. Staff Photo Urumqi water repair company in replacement of water pipelines.

Morning News: at 4:50 on August 24 Xu, located in Beijing Road on the 18th of auxiliary lane from south to north, a water mains burst, the water level reached about 20 cm pavement, the water flow from south to north to 4 km away Urumqi water company emergency shut down valve, Beijing Road, the road along the street to the house of Friends of three residential and retail water affected.

Mr Leung told reporters that members of the public, 24 am, when he drove by burst pipes at the water flow was found very large, like a small flood after heavy rains, he drove along the Turpan-Hami Railway Bureau building to the intersection, the water stopped.

Near Xiaoxigou security duty Su said: "The night duty, suddenly heard the sound of water surface have crashed, ran out and saw the road Voeux Road Beijing became a river."

12 am yesterday, reporters traveling south to north along the Beijing route found along Des Voeux Road more than four kilometers of road have water-soaked traces. Beijing Road on the 18th burst pipes at both sides of the curbs because soak too long tilt. Scene, one of about four meters, two meters wide and four meters deep pit, workers Urumqi repair companies are replacing the water supply pipe. Reporters saw, ruptured water pipe diameter 50 cm, split four or five meters long.

Urumqi water industry emergency repair center repair two captain Li Xiaowen told reporters, 5:19 in the morning, they received a squib phone, immediately shut down the water supply valve film area, has been tested and found that the pipe burst due to aging pipes, " the useful life of this water supply pipe has 39 years, coupled with the recent large temperature difference between morning and evening, resulting in burst pipes. "

New urban water supply company technician seats Lili told reporters after the pipe burst, Beijing Road, the new road junction to the House of Friends Medical Road junction, along the three quarters and shops about 300 households affected water supply for the timely supply, the staff began to repair overnight .

It is reported that the day 15:05 Xu, water supply back to normal, and normal road traffic.

(Man / Morning News reporters Liu Xincao and Shi Xisheng Dong Xiaohan map / Morning News reporter Ma Yuan)

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South of the city industrial zone,zhangjiagang city,Jiangsu province,China
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